About Us


"Our mission is to create innovative products that provide value-added improvements to conventional heating and cooling of interior and exterior surfaces and environments.

To deliver products that make life more comfortable, convenient, and efficient."


Therma-HEXX specializes in the creation of green building products that improve the way we heat and cool our environments. Inside and out.


Robert Barmore, an architectural designer and builder, decided that there had to be a way to utilize solar generated heat in pedestal mounted pavers to heat domestic and swimming pool water while at the same time cool the hot pavers, while in the winter the system needs to provide snow melting of the elevated paver surfaces.


No solution existed so he decided to find one. After 5 years of engineering, testing and prototyping, a solution was created. Using fractal and turbulent flow theory, a roll bonded aluminum heat exchanger was the result. ThermaPAVERĀ® was born. Three years of further product development has resulted in a durable, long lasting PE-RT (polyethylene of raised temperature) fusion weldable plastic panel now called ThermaPANEL, that has expanded the applications for the product.


We at Therma-HEXX are all dedicated to improving the planet with creative, out of the box thinking.


Our assembly plant and offices are located in the beautiful, historic city of Portsmouth, NH USA.


Our products are 100% Made in the USA.


We make every effort to understand our customers needs, apply our problem solving skills and deliver systems that help our customers design and build productive, green, comfortable, interior and exterior spaces that provide value added benefits and reduce environmental impacts.

Robert Barmore

Founder & CEO

Robert Barmore