How does a ThermaPANEL system pay for itself?

A ThermaPANEL system can pay back monetarily as a solar collector as well as in the increased use of environments and most importantly in increased comfort and safety.


Each ThermaPANEL system is custom designed and priced accordingly. The design is driven by the customers heating and cooling needs and coverage area . ROI can be as short as 3 years depending upon location and use. You can read more about this here.


Does Therma-HEXX install the ThermaPANEL system?

Therma-HEXX sells to a mechanical or plumbing contractor. We provide all of the materials for a complete installation or just our panel system. We provide educational and instructional videos and live webinars for applications, design and installation. We also provide on-site contractor training to certify installers for future projects.


How is the ThermaPANELTM installed?

The ThermaPANEL system is designed to install easily in many different applications and environments.


The panels come packaged in 7' long boxes with rows that are pre-connected and pressure tested in lengths up to 48' long by 2' wide. We accomplish this by using our living hinge tube technology which allows us to fold the rows into a package that is 3 panels long. The installer then simply unfolds the rows and places them using techniques that we demonstrate in our product brochure.


The only connections made during installation are between rows, if necessary, and returning to the manifolds.


How do we get started and what is the design, production and ordering process?

Call us at (603) 319-8815 for a preliminary discussion about your needs, and a cost estimate. We love to solve problems in creative ways so don't hesitate to call and discuss your needs. We may find additional benefits for you that you didn't know were possible!


We prefer to receive CAD drawings of the proposed area. PDF images of the drawing are only acceptable if there is a measurement in the drawing to scale from.


A 50% production deposit is required at the start of the production, and then full payment is required prior to shipping unless other options are pre-arranged. Complex projects require a design and engineering deposit.


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How is the ThermaPANELTM System "Green"?

  • 100% recyclable, including the Panel, Tubing, and Shipping Materials
  • Invisible thermal solar collector.
  • Snowmelt using low temperature bioglycol fluid.
  • High efficiency allows for geothermal heating and cooling.
  • Maximizes the high efficiency of modulating condensing boilers.
  • Creates safe, walkable, drivable surfaces without the use of chemicals.


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