The Only Patented Pedestal Paver Snow Melting Solution.



Pedestal paver assembly reversed.jpg

ThermaPANEL is the only hydronic snow melting system designed to work with any pedestal paver system.


ThermaPANEL's patented design allows high peformance and modularity. Keep roof decks, terraces, and patios free of snow and ice and still have access to the roof below for maintenance! 


Designed to work with several dimensions of pavers, ThermaPANEL systems can also be designed to integrate with plank decking and porcelain tile. Check out or blog to learn more about the new solution to pedestal problems



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ThermaPANEL is over 250% more efficient than tube-based systems and the modular design allows access to the spaces beneath the pavers. Our design team handles system design according to the architectural plan and paver layout. For CAD details and specifications, please visit our downloads page. If you have more questions, check out our blog. To discuss a project you are working on, contact us