ThermaPANEL is a highly efficient modular heat exchange system that evenly distributes heat transfer fluid (water, glycol or brine) through a panel containing turbulent flow channels for highly efficient energy transfer across the entire panel surface.


ThermaPANEL units are installed beneath the pavement providing even and efficient energy transfer both to and from the finished surface.


It is the only patented hydronic system specifically designed to work with pedestal mounted pavers.


In ground mounted, or on-grade, applications ThermaPANEL provides added structure and allows paver installation to stay within ICPI guidelines.


ThermaPANEL can also be designed to work on or with:

  • Deck or Joist
  • FRP Grate Systems
  • Permeable Pavement Systems
  • Flat Roof Solid Foam Buildup
  • More

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