Geothermal ThermaPANEL Cistern

Check out this innovative application of ThermaPANEL in Maine. Unhappy with how expensive his heating costs are each year, the owner actively took steps to become more green and significantly reduce the financial burden of the cold Maine winters. The owner has two, twenty tube evacuated solar water collectors that can efficiently heat water. This tube system provides more hot water than the home can use. By designing a thermal battery to store this extra energy, the solar tubes can be used more efficiently by providing more than just the hot domestic water. The excess energy can be used to partially heat the home year round. In addition to the solar tubes, a 3-ton geothermal system will be a

Sustainable Design-What does it really mean?

Sustainability has become a buzzword that is frequently thrown around. So what does it really mean to have a sustainable product or design? Sustainable Design Principles: Conserve resources Reduce consumption of non-renewable energy Provides the best possible use of interior and exterior spaces Improve the comfort of spaces Reduce negative impacts to the environment Maintain usability for the longest possible duration-ideally indefinite Lets Break it Down Even More Sustainability is a term used for environmental, social, and economical purposes. In other words it encompasses just about everything. Sustainable design is therefore much more complicated than improving one aspect of a space or p

Quick Questions: ThermaPANEL Installation

Quick Questions will be a regular blog segment where we answer the most common questions we receive regarding ThermaPANEL as a product, and Therma-HEXX as a company. Each segment will serve to answer a specific question in an attempt to give clarity and offer insight about how to approach solving problems with ThermaPANEL. Who installs the ThermaPANEL? The ThermaPANEL system is usually installed by the mechanical contractor or plumber. Therma-HEXX provides onsite training for the installer ensuring a proper and efficient installation. The ThermaPANEL installer (mechanical contractor, plumber, etc.) will work closely with the paver installer (roofer, hardscape installer, landscape contractor,

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