Pavement Options for Driveways, Patios, Walkways

Driveways, patios, and walkways can have a variety of finished pavement surfaces. Choosing one can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you don't know where to start. Add snow-melting systems into the mix and it can seem even more complicated. Luckily , we are here to detail the pavement options for driveways, patios, and walkways. 1. Cast-in-place Concrete Often call poured concrete, this is generally the least expensive option. However, just because concrete is inexpensive does not mean it has to be ugly or boring. There are a variety of finishes available with concrete including stains and stamping which allow you to create appealing pavement without putting a huge dent in your wallet

Below Ground Solar Thermal Pool Heating Systems

An in depth look into their effectiveness, installation and added benefits. Everyone knows that heating a pool can be a very expensive operation. That is why so many have moved towards sustainable technologies like solar energy. For most, when thinking of solar energy an image of large solar panels comes to mind. Very few think of invisible solar heating, and that is because it is a relatively new technology. How could one potentially harness the energy of the sun without solar panels? Well that is what this article will discuss. Gateway Canyons Resort, Colorado Thermal Batteries in Unexpected Locations When walking along a driveway, or a backyard pool patio, or even a backyard deck, it is o

Building Codes: Snow Melting and Egress

According to the International Code Council (ICC), a 'means of egress' refers to the path for a person to leave a building, structure, or space. A means of egress consists of three separate and distinct parts: the exit access, the exit, and the exit discharge. In layman's terms these components are: the path of travel to an exit, the exit itself, and the path to a safe area outside. Building codes determine how means of egress need to be maintained. However, due to the nature of building codes, and the ability of cities to enact their own set of codes, the required maintenance could vary depending on what city, state, or jurisdiction the building is in. Currently, The International Building

The New Solution to Pedestal Problems

Many architects, designers, builders and others run into shortcomings when working with pedestal mounted pavers. A way to solve snow pile up issues, or paver overheating issues, never existed; now it does. ThermaPANEL unit only adds .4 inches when used on a pedestal The Problems: Overheating When pavers are mounted on pedestals, they are not in contact with much surface that can transfer energy; they are decoupled from the mass of the building. This means that when the sun is beats down on the pavers they get extremely hot, even in mild climates and weather condition. On a regular basis, these surfaces reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit (enough to burn skin in a matter of seconds), and under certa

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