How ThermaPANEL Integrates with Different Pavers and Finished Surfaces

Rectangle Pavers: Although we promote 2' x 2' square pavers in a stacked bond as the ideal grid layout for pedestal roof decks, we understand that this aesthetic doesn't always mesh with the architect or designer's vision for the space. We pride ourselves on working to incorporate our systems into the architectural design to make it work for all parties involved. Here are a few options for paver sizes and grid layouts that can be accommodated by adding and adjusting the location of the supporting pedestals: 1. 2' x 2' Stacked & Running Bond 2. 1' x 2' Stacked Bond 3. 2' x 4' Stacked & Running Bond 4. 2' x 3' Stacked & Running Bond For Non-rectangle Pavers: If the hardscape design includes ir

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