ThermaPANEL vs PEX for Snowmelt, Solar Pool Heating and Surface Cooling.

Tests Comparing ThermaPANEL to PEX with Aluminum Plates The above video illustrates that not all hydronic radiant snowmelt systems are created equal, and there is a good reason for that. There are two different categories of hydronic systems: tubing and modular panel systems. The application design parameters, desired performance and ROI of the system will guide the decision making process in terms of which type of system should be installed. Pedestal Mounted Pavers Private Residence - Wisconsin Marriott Edition Hotel Times Square NYC Pedestal mounted pavers installed on ThermaPANEL systems Therma-HEXX modular ThermaPANEL systems are engineered in-house for each project. The custom built sys

ThermaPANEL Paver and Pedestal Compatibility

Pedestals This is a pretty easy one. ThermaPANEL is compatible with any type of pedestal. There are certain pedestals that tend to be easier to integrate with because of certain features, like tab height. However, the design of our panel was carefully thought out to allow a multitude of pedestal options. There are a multitude of pedestal brands that ThermaPANEL is compatible with, including: Hanover Pedestal Systems Bison Pedestal Systems Buzon Pedestal Systems Appian Way Pedestal Systems (AWS) Marathon Roofing Products Westile Pedestal System If you don't see the pedestal system you plan to use on this list, contact us to check for compatibility. Pavers ThermaPANEL systems can be designed t

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