Pedestal paver assemblies are used in residential and commercial building for turning flat roofs into usable amenity spaces. The paver deck is elevated from the roof surface using fixed height or adjustable pedestals, creating a tenable space while protecting the built-up roof below.


The pavers are spaced according to the width of the tabs on the top of the pedestals, allowing water to pass through the deck to the roof drains below, keeping the efficacy of the waterproofing intact.


Effectively heating pedestal mounted paver systems requires a highly efficient and modular heat exchange system that does not disrupt the utility and modularity of the assembly.

Pedestal paver snow melting systems provide snow and ice-free pedestal paver amenity spaces or egress for commercial and residential buildings. 


ThermaPANEL pedestal paver snow melting systems are compatible with concrete, porcelain, and stone pavers in many dimensions.   


ThermaPANEL snow melting systems provide an engineered modular solution for larger area paver spaces and for high-performance applications where electric resistance wire and tubing track systems may fall short. 

ThermaPANEL systems seamlessly integrate into pedestal paver assemblies, providing highly efficient snow melting without sacrificing the modularity required to access the plenum space below the deck. 


Whether it's a large commercial observation deck or a residential patio, Therma-HEXX can design a pedestal paver snow melting system to meet your projects demands. Contact us today to see how ThermaPANEL changes the way the world heats and cools its environments.